Basic controls Edit

wasd for Movement, e for interaction/action.

press k for quest/task "not working at moment." will be completed in a future update.

press 1 for undressing top.

press 2 for undressing bottom.

press c to undress fully.

Female breeder only: Edit

press 3 for undress underwear.

press 4 for take off boots.

Gameplay / what to do first Edit

To build houses go towards the hill to find Foxens & Vulwargs go towards the forest area with the angelic floating statue. Fill up the red bar right top corner then capture with collar.

For kraken move towards the desert area, beyond that head for the you turn and go towards the sea as male breeder for sex scene with her.

Sex sences Edit

Female breeder: male vulwarg

Male breeder: female foxen, kraken and male vulwarg

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